Hello everyone,

... for those wondering ... what is PTSERVER?

Now the PTServer was created a little unintentionally :) Once we put a server game online just for family members to enter and play, however, we forgot config. it to private and when we realized many players were already playing and enjoying it!

We did not have the courage to remove the server and from then on we kept adding more server.. more players started to play and spreading the word.

We are not a company or an association, we are just a family!

We do not have any profit motive nor do we demand any payment from players!

Our work is done with love and only as a Hobbie.

In addition to the game servers, we have also opened a Discord room, cordially configured by our friend "Donuts" who is also part of the Administration and where the staff can chat, discuss and ask questions with each other.

This is a quick way to contact us as we are almost always online (Johny | Xena | Donuts | Pipanamocha | GeraltofRivia and Mike)

Exactly by these reasons (servers / discord etc ...) include various types of people and different ages, RULES are in operation and we always advise you to read them on the discord channel or on this page.

We demand something very important and that is RESPECT not only to us, administrators, but as well as for any other player ... if this does not happen, measures are taken, as a precaution that it does not happen again.

That said, everyone should know that they are welcome, if they are looking for a place to talk and relax;)

Thank you all!!