For those who don't know this game, it's worth it!

Here you can be a warrior, train, build magnificent structures, decorate, fight monsters or simply enjoy your surroundings, as the game really has very beautiful scenarios.

Religions allow each one to be specialized in a certain task and therefore enjoy something that the other of another religion does not have, so if you play as a team, it is good to share information so that it becomes easier and more profitable for both.

Here, you can also earn points by leveling up which you can distribute to your character in order to improve him in the best way you prefer, stronger, faster or more adaptable to the environment around you, you choose ...

Leveling up and learning making / creating some structures or objects, you will unlock others and so on, but be aware that you will not have “points” to unlock everything, it will be wise to use them in what you need most and if you work as a team, share specific tasks, for example if your clan colleague learned the armors can be in charge of improving it progressively while another member of the Clan can be more connected to the buildings and another to the kitchen ... and so on ...

The Game has a teleportation system that will make it easier for you to move around the map more freely, of course you will have to visit specific points first so that they are available for teleportation.

There is a lot to say about this game but nothing better than playing and experimenting!

I leave you a link here so you can know a little more about CONAN EXILES.

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