Feedback 1 February 2021

Here we are again in the waiting phase!
We already killed everything there was to kill ... and now we are waiting, once again, for a new update that will certainly bring many of you
the desire to play and have fun.

Up until now it has always been recommended to reset the map so that there are no problems, and so we have done it, so the most certain
thing is to have a Reset with this new update ... let's wait;)

Keep up to date on our Discord!

Feedback 28 November 2020

The Server continues to run, this time there were no problems with the players or characters.

Although we are a little "leaning against the box", we look forward to the next ALFA! Will it be soon?!?

Anyway, we remind you that our server only accepts players in our Whitelist, so if you want to play you will have

to send us your STEAM ID so that we can put it on the list and be able to play :)

In the meantime we are following the news to know when there will be a new update and what it will treat us ... See you soon!

The current map is Navezgane, and most players are concentrated in the center of the map, where the Corn field is located.

We remind you that the server is PVE and no theft is allowed! Friendship prevails among players.

New players must give Steam ID in order to join the Whitelist, otherwise they will not be able to enter.

Feedback 28 December 2019

Here we are to remind you that the Server is running without any problems and that it continues to receive new players :)
If you want to play with us and create a Community, please send your Steam ID to one of the Server Administrators (Johny or Xena), the easiest way is to contact Discord for the procedure;)
All of Good Faith are Welcome!
Let's kill some zombies;)

Feedback 17 December 2019

Here we are again to inform you that the Server is again ONline running on a random Map.

Yesterday at the end of the day, we decided to give the game one more chance and try running the game on a different map from Navezgane,

we are currently on a map of about 8 km, 8 players were online last night, and everything seems to be going well ...

Whoever enters for the first time will have to be patient because they need to update the map, and after having the map the game will

take a little longer to enter compared to the k we were used to ... let's see if it's worth it.

Let's play ??

Feedback 16 December 2019

The server is OFFLINE!

Today, after a power outage in the area where the Servers are located, we detected that some players were unable to enter the game.

After confirming the situation, we concluded that the game's Save files were corrupted and we were unable to get the same
files working properly.

Basically we would have to start over from scratch, technically the game is not viable because in this latest version (Alpha 18),
many problems have arisen that we have been able to solve ... except this one ...

The worst version we have ever played of this game, unstable, heavy for PCs and the server!

We will have more information soon ..
but for now the game is off unless current players want to start over ...

Feedback 29 November 2018


Hello guys, here we are to give you some news!

Lately we have dedicated some time to the game 7 Days to Die, it makes sense because the long-awaited alpha 17 came out last week and after
all year waiting ... sit down... here it came !!

We have had a good laugh this past week, the members that are playing at the moment are fantastic! But we still have space for a few more ...
If you have the game and want to enter the server you have to add one of the admins to Steam in order to be inserted in the Whitelist;) or join our Discord!

Although we think the map would be very small, since we opted for Navezgane, we are very surprised because the map is quite large and difficult!
While you were able to loot a all city in 2/3 days, now you can explore some houses, because in all of them there are zombies!

Trader's Missions are working very well, and although it is not mandatory to do them there are already many supporters :)

The staff created a community garden that is already beginning to bear fruit ... and .. vegetables :)

The means of transport are loved by everyone, even with a small bicycle you can get everywhere faster, without spending a lot of stamina and you can still
store some items in it when your bag is already full.

Blood Moon ... yeah...well.... it brings a lot of zombies ... some stay at the bases defending everything with nails, teeth, ah ... and weapons! ;) others
flee by bicycle followed by a very fast zombie army ... it's been a lot of fun!

Usually Discord has been used as a form of communication, with the respective room for this game.

Yesterday, the 28th, a new update came out, basically to fix some of the bugs that existed and to create at least 1 more that we already discovered... but as long as they keep fixing everything .. it's ok!

Feedback 18 August 2018

Another game that we followed from the first steps, we started to play still the slopes were half square and the houses were pretty crooked: D but nothing moved us
and whenever an update came out we would go in with all the desire to kill some zombies: D

A new version will be released soon, so the server is waiting for it anxiously, this is because with this new version the players will have to start the game from scratch
again and I think there is no reason for that ... let us wait patiently for that to happen. however we have more games for you;)

A game far beyond "killing zombies" ... here you will have to survive, learn to build, create defenses, look for food or create a way to have it!

It won't be easy, on the contrary and everything gets worse ... when you get to the 7th day ... or better ... 7th night .....?

If you like to feel the adrenaline of not knowing what you find when entering a room, or having to flee in the middle of the night, you don't know exactly where ....
this game is one of the best ones out there!

Try it out, but first stick with this link and take a look at what awaits you! ?

Here is also the video of the next alpha (17) many new features will be added !!!


Until then ... we will be waiting for you!


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